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Meet Your Photographer

Asa Pressley is a U.S. based beauty and fashion photographer creating imagery for commercial and editorial clients. He’s available for hire worldwide but frequently traveling between Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, New York, and his home base of Columbia, South Carolina. 

“If I wasn’t a photographer, I’m sure I would still end up servicing you in some other capacity.  The difference is I just would not be happy doing it. ”-Asa Pressley

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Spending the beginning of his professional development in the banking and public relations arena, Asa developed a strong appreciation for advertising, visual communication, and good business.  In 2008, his admiration and passion for photography, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, led Asa to pursue photography as profession.  He specializes in beauty and fashion brand development photography for commercial and editorial clients, and truly understands the value in being able to merge art and commerce.

He’s not your traditionally trained photographer or the protégé of some world-renowned visual art guru. This self-taught “Light-Head” continually works to master his craft through constant study and testing when not on assignments. He is drawn to simplicity and in that he finds beauty and inspiration.  His work exhibits the use of beautiful light, a keen eye for composition and detail, and emotes confidence and refined beauty.

Photography grants me the opportunity to use light as a symbolic transfer of wisdom that inspires confidence in others.  Beyond any doubt, I believe confidence is the cornerstone on which all dreams are built and I am committed to mastering the craft for this purpose.  For me, every photo I create is an extension of me; like a déjà vu. – Asa Pressley

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Professionalism and excellence through open communication, creativity, and quality.

Minimalism is not the lack of something.  It is the right amount of everything.

If style is king, then taste is God.

Mission: To add value to our client’s brand identity by creating imagery of exceptional quality and artistic style that communicates confidence and results in customer loyalty.


Vision: Cultivate my artistry and master photography so Asa Pressley Photography garners the reputation of being an authority on photography and organic brand development.  My work will challenge mainstreams narrow view on beauty to inspire, provoke, and promote ideas of independent thought across all media.

*Integrity: The cornerstone of our business and personal relationships.

*Quality: A commitment to provide the best service and product.

*Creative Vision: The driving force of our sustainability and our clients’ marketability.

*Diversity: An environment that allows everyone to succeed.

Adding Value

My clients know me as a one-stop shop.  They rely on my knowledge and resourcefulness to get everything done. I pull permits, cast for talents, provide creative direction, consult on business strategy, web design, find locations, shoot the image/video, edit the images/video and everything between. My business background in Finance, Marketing, and Public Relations, allows me to understand what my clients want from a business perspective. My goal is to align my talents and services to my clients’ goals and create a platform for integrated solutions.  This translates into faster problem solving and a more precise representation of the clients’ original vision.  Creating with the clients’ vision in the forefront makes workflow processes, such as retouching, easier and more cohesive because I can create with the end in mind. From the initial client consultation or pre-production meetings, I am visualizing how the pictures will look upon delivery to the client. I communicate this to the client to ensure we both are on the same page, and as a result we have a clear understanding of how we will achieve the desired look.

My clients often hire me because they want the style of images I create.  My style is unique to me and clients understand my thought process for creating in such a way. Whether it is my beauty work for a cosmetic line, portfolio development for model agencies, or lookbooks for a fashion boutique or designer, my style is intergrated into the goals of my clients’ vision to create images that inspire brand confidence.

Skills & Capabilities 

Web Design
Brand Development
Portfolio Development

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Asthe 2013 business cycle ended, I began to take inventory of all the client request and inquiries that were made throughout the year.  I noticed I provided photography services for several non-commercial clients as well as web design and brand development solutions for small business owners.  Being that client satisfaction and loyalty are my true measures of success, I found it necessary that I be proactive and make my skill sets publicly available in other services areas by creating responsive service solutions that would add value to my clients.  Therefore, 2014 marked the launch of two new service brands extensions as a way to better meet the needs of both existing and prospective clients.

Learn more about each service brand by clicking on a logo below.

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